The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has began its great migration from a card to a biometric system. With the new system, no one can use a card holder’s card without their knowledge. The new introduced biometric system is a new convenient and secure way to access services when medical need arises.

Anyone who has not registered has until 11th July, 2021 to make the shift. NHIF has in the past been issuing physical cards to members. NHIF members are, up to now, required to produce the physical card to access services from an accredited NHIF healthcare institution. The physical card will now be a thing of the past with the biometric system.

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a nationwide medical insurer backed by the government which helps members to enjoy healthcare funding when they or relatives fall sick.

The scheme has been hit by fraudulent claims of people using fake identities to seek medical care and hospitals processing false claims. This fueled issues with claims issuance and genuine access to NHIF services. With the Biometric system, any cases of fraud or ingenuity will be tamed.

All NHIF members have been advised to visit an NHIF office to begin the process.