The National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) has directed employers under its umbrella to register and contribute training levy of Ksh. 600 per annum on behalf of employees through KRA iTax. NITA has stated that the levy fund benefits participating employers by reimbursement for training costs incurred.

Non-payment of the training levy will attract a penalty of 5% per annum. Employers have been advised to fill in the registration application forms and return them along with a copy of the PIN and registration certificate.

NITA’s mandate is to promote highest standards in the quality and efficiency of Industrial Training in Kenya, while ensuring adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels in the industry. In order to execute its mandate, NITA partners with employers to regulate training in work places for enhanced productivity. The Authority also supports training schemes in its 5 training schemes in its 5 training centers and through other public/private training providers.

NITA has its headquarters in Nairobi and five industrial training centres spread across the country. These are NITA Textile Training Institute, NITA Nairobi, NITA Kisumu, NITA Mombasa and NITA Athi River.

The Centres host a number of industry-oriented courses targeting workers in the formal and informal sectors. The courses include short and long programs. These including proficiency courses, skill upgrading courses, artisan courses, and tailor-made courses. The Centres also provide full board accommodation, training rooms, workshops and recreational facilities.