Swvl has announced the resumption of its regular commuter services across Nairobi city in its plan to scale up operations in the country. All services will continue to operate on fixed routes, fixed prices and timings using Swvl’s existing app.

The resumption will will add to their recently launched innovations; Swvl Carpool and Swvl Travel, as part of the company’s strategic agenda to meet the needs of the everyday commuter.

“During the pandemic period, we took our time to analyze the patterns and needs of commuters. We identified the areas of change and have used the information to advise our new innovations and the decision to fully restart our regular rides service across the city. Our aim is to ensure that we provide a service for every kind of commuter in the country,” said Dip Patel, the General Manager for Swvl in Kenya.

The Swvl Travel service operates round trips to and from six towns in Kenya, namely Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kisii and Mombasa. Swvl carpool cuts on passenger expenses by allowing commuters to split the fare of a car with their fellow rider.

“We will continue to collaborate with existing players in the industry to come together and create an efficient system supported by our technology. Anyone with the necessary documentation is free to approach us and once taken through the verification and onboarding process can operate via our platform,” added Dip Patel.

All the services will operate as per the Ministry of Health guidelines, observing the capacity restrictions in place.