Kenya is home to some of the most beautiful beaches including world renowned beaches. These beaches offer luscious sceneries and smooth sands that are beloved around the world. As a result, they’ve become popular tourist destinations for both local and international travelers looking for a quick getaway or a tranquil vacation at the beach. From white sands to blue waters with big, crashing waves, here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya.

1. Kikambala

Tucked away from Mombasa City, Kikambala provides long stretches of white beaches in its
most natural state. There are few hotels in the area and you can enjoy the breathtaking views
without many distractions.

2. Mambrui

This little known beach is located in Malindi, home to the Marine National Park. It offers calm,
golden beaches that remain pretty clean throughout the day due to low tides. Mambrui is ideal for watersports lovers as you can enjoy snorkeling and windsurfing here.

3. Vipingo

Vipingo is nothing short of beautiful. Located in Kilifi, it boasts of a unique combination
consisting of thick green vegetation white sands and a sky blue ocean. Additionally, it’s a
popular holiday destination for honeymooners thanks to its isolated location.

4. Lake Turkana

While most beaches in Kenya are located at the coastal region, a trip up north will be worth your time. Turkana has emerged as a popular tourist destination thanks to its scenic features including a stunning beach along Lake Turkana. It boasts of palm trees, smooth and golden sand and a wonderful view of the lake.

5. Shela

Shela Beach blends in perfectly with its white and green surrounding providing a seamless flow from Lamu town to the ocean. Its views are comparable to Greece’s Santorini and South Africa’s Camps Bay.

6. Tiwi

Tiwi is a small beach located in Ukunda with nearly perfect, picturesque views. The contrast
between the pearl white beach and blue water coupled with palm trees that go up to the
oceanfront provide a captivating and soothing ambiance. Once you’re settled at this beach, you won’t want to leave.

7. Shanzu

While Mombasa is populated with various beaches, very few can compare to Shanzu. It’s among a handful of white beaches in the area and visitors can enjoy the luxurious scenery without traveling too far from the main city. However, most of the beach is privately owned by the resorts in the area.

8. Dunga

The beach overlooking Lake Victoria boasts of tranquil waters with a spectacular sunset view.
These view has attracted various developments including resorts and eateries where you can
enjoy fresh fish from the lake.

9. Diani

Voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the best beach destination in Africa,
Diani beach boasts of white, silky smooth shores along the turquoise ocean. You can enjoy Diani beach and all its glory during day break when the shores are meticulously clean.

10. Bofa

Bofa beach, located in Kilifi, has striking white sands that rival those of Diani Beach. Though
it’s not as popular, Bofa Beach offers a magical scenery of plush shores and an inviting ocean. It also has rich greenery which complements the beach.