Continuity East Africa (CEA) plans to invest over Ksh. 500million in the next three years to expand its work area recovery facilities in the region.

According to the company, the expansion of the facilities is being driven by the appreciation and accelerated uptake of business continuity services fueled by the dynamics of business operating environment in the market.

CEA, which is a joint venture of Internet Solutions Kenya & ContinuitySA, has already invested Ksh. 150million in phase one of the project. This involved expanding its capacity from 110 to 260 seats at its work area recovery site in United States International University (USIU) complex.

The second phase will see the company grow the capacity to at least 800 seats here in Nairobi and set up similar facilities in Kampala and Dares Salam within the next three years. CEA offers business continuity advisory services which entails helping their clients to develop business continuity policies and plans, conducting crisis management simulations and IT disaster recovery tests among other services.

Speaking during the commissioning of the new recovery site, Internet Solutions Managing Director Richard Hechle said the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new workspace dynamics because of the social distancing requirements.

The facility meets very stringent health and safety standards and is highly customizable to meet varying customer requirements and can now house up to 260 users. For enhanced redundancy, the facility is connected to two KPLC lines drawing power from different substations. Within the facility, workstations and the data center are powered from two parallel sets generators and UPS units. Employees working from this location have access to at least 3 canteens, excellent pause areas and modern office kitchenette serving quick refreshments.