Huawei Mobile recently launched the Huawei Y7p smartphone in the Kenyan market and it is the latest phone in the Huawei Y series to be launched in the Kenyan market. The smartphone is the successor to the Huawei Y7 Prime and the Huawei which were successfully launched by Huawei Mobile in Kenya last year.

The Huawei Y7p is a budget phone at Ksh. 18,499 and is the first Huawei to come with a 48MP main camera. The main camera comes bundled with 2 more cameras at the back i.e. an 8MP wide-angle camera and a 2MP secondary sensor.

Cameras on the Y7p

The Huawei Y7p comes with a vertical triple camera setup at the back. The main camera (48MP) is nestled is in the middle, with the 8MP wide-angle camera at the bottom and the 2MP camera at the top.

The phone shoots in 12MP by default. You can also shoot in 48MP, 9MP and 7MP. 12MP, 9MP and 7MP photos are great because you can zoom in when taking the picture. You can’t zoom in when taking 48MP pictures so this means that you have to take them when you near what you are taking a picture of.

The camera software also includes AI as with other Huawei phones but you can only use it in 12MP. Pictures taken in 12MP are clear and have sharp colours. 48MP photos have more sharper details but I prefer the 12MP when taking photos of objects that are far away.

The AI on the Huawei Y7p, as with other Huawei phones, can identify over 500 scenes and 21 categories which will determine how the people will look. For instance, it will identify food and will adjust the light to capture the food.

Videos on the main camera come with a resolution of 720p. You can adjust it to a high of 1080p. 1080p video is however larger and will take more space on your phone.

The selfie camera on the Y7p is 8MP and it takes decent pictures. It is also AI enabled which can also adjust the light based on where you are taking the picture. You can take selfies in portrait or standard mode. I prefer the standard mode and then gravitating towards light to take the best selfie. It also works really well using apps such as Instagram and Snapchat especially if you add filters on those platforms. Video is also available at 720P and to a maximum of 1080p. However, you can use beauty effects on 1080p. They are only available at 720p.

The phone also comes with other standard features such as Aperture, Night Mode, Pro Mode, Slow-Mo (video), Panorama, Light Painting, HDR, Time-Lapse, Portrait, Moving Picture and Stickers. If you know something about cameras, pro mode is great and you can take better pictures at night by adjusting the shutter speed. Portrait mode is a favourite because I can take better pictures of people or objects that are close by. Night mode is also neat but the objects have to be close and you have to keep the phone steady as you are taking the picture.

Final thoughts

The main camera is an absolute favourite. The pictures are pretty good for a phone that costs Ksh. 18,499 (available on Jumia). It takes getting used to and people who love a perfect picture will need to get used to adjusting the settings but it’s a small price to pay. Night and low light pictures are also quite good thanks to the 48MP camera.

I think this phone is a definite buy especially if you consider the other features of the phone. You can read our review of the other features of the phone here.