Safaricom has launched a new Karibu PostPay plans whereby the bundled voice, data and sms do not expire. Plans will be available on a 30-day basis with any unused resources rolling over to the next month.

This is a move away, from the current plans whereby the bundles expire at the end of the month. The old Karibu Postpay, which has not accepted new customers since 2015, offers resources that expire every month. Customers however still have unused minutes from pre-2015 when the product’s resources didn’t expire.

Also, in a move away from the past where one had to go to the Safaricom shops to get registered. Customers will now be able to join the plan via Safaricom App, webpage or USSD by dialling *544# and selecting join Postpay on the menu. One will have also have the option of choosing from plans that are within their predefined credit limits or topping up to qualify for higher limits.

Safaricom will determine whether you can either pay a deposit for the plan you choose or you are eligible to be given a credit limit without a deposit based on your relationship with them.

The new Karibu PostPay plans will be offered at five price points ranging from a Ksh. 1,000 plan with 5GB data, 400 minutes and unlimited SMS, to a Ksh. 10,000 plan that offers unlimited data, voice and SMS. Customers on the new plans will be able to use their voice allocation to make local calls across all networks and international calls to India, the United States, China and Canada.

The new Karibu Postpay packages are as follows;

  1. Ksh. 1,000 – 5GB data, 400 minutes to any network and unlimited SMS.
  2. Ksh. 2,000 – 15 GB data, 1000 minutes to any network and unlimited SMS.
  3. Ksh. 3000 – 25 GB, 1500 minutes to any network and unlimited SMS.
  4. Ksh. 5000 – Unlimited data, SMS and 2500 minutes
  5. Ksh. 10000 – Unlimited data, SMS and voice.

With Karibu Postpay, you can also opt not to choose a plan which means that you will be charged at Ksh. 2.30 for your calls and Ksh. 1.30 for data used and you will receive a bill at the end of the month. If you opt in to the new plan, you will be charged based on the period that you joined. For instance, if you joined on 20th of March, you will be given pro-rated resources and you will only pay for that at the end of the month. All bills will be sent to you by the 3rd of each month and must be paid by the 16th.

Safaricom has also announced that it plans to bundle device financing with the new Karibu Postpay. This means that customers will be able to buy devices on contract and then be able to repay for the same over a period of time. It is not clear when this will be launched.