Okash, has won the award for best Mobile Loan Platform of 2019 at the 3rd Digital Tech Excellence Awards in Kenya. The award recognizes the outstanding positive impact the microlending app has had on the everyday life of its users in Kenya.

Okash which is owned by Opera is an innovative mobile microlending application that enables easy, fast and secure access to short term loans. The app-based service utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze the purpose of the loan as well as the repayment behavior of the user.

OKash offers competitive interest rates for short term micro loans and is growing its success with increasingly cheaper interest for repeat customers.

Peter Kaiga, Ag. Manager & Head of Analytics at Okash, had this to say, “OKash is providing a faster, easier and more secure loan process, where people spend less than two minutes to get a loan processed. We are proud to receive the award for the best mobile loan platform of 2019 and we are thankful to everyone who voted for us to receive this prestigious award.”