Isiolo County Government has announced that it will host the Shaba Challenge fun run on 10th August 2019 at the Shaba National Reserve. The event will be in partnership with ActionAid Kenya and Sarova Hotels.

The Shaba Challenge will feature obstacle courses within the scenic Shaba National Reserve landscape. There will be individual events and also team events.

The event will raise funds in support of marginalised communities in the county. In the recent past, Isiolo County has heavily been hit by the effects of recurrent drought heightened by climate change, human-wildlife conflicts and other disasters. There have have adversely affected the livelihoods of communities in the arid region.

The Shaba Challenge entails three obstacle courses suited for various groups of participants.

1. The Ndovu Course – The Tough Course

This course is suitable for professional fitness enthusiasts. It includes mud and trail runs, adventure challenges and more competitive timed obstacle course races. The obstacles include cargo net climbs, carrying heavy objects, traversing bodies of mud and water, crawling under barbed wire, and the natural Shaba terrain. The obstacles employed throughout the course will test endurance, strength, speed and dexterity.

2. The Simba Pride Course -The Teamwork Course

This course is suitable for organisations who are interested in fostering trust and team spirit among their staff. It features a six-kilometre mud run out in the park through the tough Shaba terrain with epic obstacles such as tyre flips, cargo nets, balance beams, wall climbs and many more.

3. The Swara Family Course – The Fun Course

This course is suitable for friends and family teams who want to spend time together engaging in a physically challenging activities.

Tickets for the event are Ksh. 5,000 for spectators and children and Ksh. 10,000 for adults. The tickets are available here Accommodation options also available for both participants and spectators.