Kenya’s KIbao Vodka has made it to the Kibao Vodka makes it to the Top 100 World’s Fastest-Growing Spirits list that is compiled by IWSR.

The world’s top 100 fastest-growing spirits brands, categorised by their respective case volume growth last year, collectively grew by 11%, compared to total global category growth of 0.8% in 2018. Those 100 leading brands, across all the major spirits categories, represent 690.5m nine-litre cases of the world’s total 3.17bn cases of spirits.

The top-selling brand in the world, which is also the product that added the most cases to its total volume last year, was Korea’s Jinro soju, growing 6.4% to a total of 80.9m cases. Interestingly, Jinro sells 47m more cases than the next-largest brand in the world, Officer’s Choice whisky, which posted 33.8m cases last year, an increase of 5.6%. The majority of brands that top the list of fastest-growing are national or regional products, including soju, baijiu, and Indian whisky.

Kibao Vodka is manufactured in Kenya by Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL), a Kenyan manufacturer, importer and distributor of wine and spirits. The company recently marked 50 years of existence with the announcement that it will set up a manufacturing plant at Tatu City.

In 2018, KWAL unveiled the the new look bottle of Kibao Vodka, at an event at the Nairobi Museum. The features of the new bottle will be a tamper proof cap, a un-refillable bottle and a metallic like finish on the bottom and the side of the labels. Kibao Vodka is made in the vodka spirit by distilling rye, wheat or potatoes. It has alcohol content of 40% and it is available in 750ml, 350ml & 250ml bottles.