ABC Bank rewards man who built a village road in Muranga with a cow


ABC Bank has rewarded Nicholas Muchami from Kaganda village, Kiharu, Murang’a County with a dairy grade cow. He is the man who dug a two kilometre road to make it easier for his neighbors reach the local shopping center.

Muchami who works as a security guard at Kaganda primary school, one day decided to expand a 1.5 Km footpath into a road. He dug up the road using only a jembe, mattock and a spade for a period of 14 days. The road now cuts the distance to the shopping centre by two kilometres.

Neighbors who had initially thought he had gone mad when he started working on the road are now full of praise for him. If only we had more people like Muchami, I think Kenya would be a better place to live in.

Muchami received the dairy grade cow from ABC Bank together with animal feeds which would be delivered for a period of six months. He also received training on entrepreneurship and financial literacy from the bank together with livestock insurance.

Muchami had this to say, “I am grateful to the bank and all well-wishers who have made this possible. This premium dairy cow will go a long way towards supplementing my income.”

ABC Bank Treasury & Financial Institutions General Manager Philip Wambua, had this to say, “We ensured that Muchami opens a Sacco account and gets some training on managing his finances to enable him farm sustainably.”

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