The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has today announced the release of a new prefix 01xxxx which will be in addition to the current 07xxxx.

According to the CA new series has been made necessary by the increased demand for SIM cards, mobile data and Machine to Machine communications that requires the numbers. Introduction of the prefix is in line with National Numbering Plan that was developed by CA in 2002. According to the plan each prefix has a capacity of 100 Million numbers.

The Kenya Information and Communication Act mandates CA to manage and administer the country’s mobile numbering resources. It ensures that sufficient and appropriate numbers are available at all times for allocation and reservation to licensed operators.

Already Safaricom has been issued with 2 Million numbers while Airtel has been issued with 3 Million numbers. The use of the new prefix will begin with immediate effect so don’t be surprised to see such numbers calling you.