EABL emerges as the overall winner in the Energy Management Awards 2019

EABL Celebrating winning the overall Energy Management Award

East African Breweries Limited (EABL) are the winners of this years Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Energy Management Awards (EMA).

EABL emerged the overall winner of the award, in which British America Tobacco (BAT) Kenya took the runners up award, whereas Tata Chemicals and Mombasa Cement were nominated.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Chief Administrative Secretary Ministry of Petroleum and Mining Eng John Mosonik reiterated the Government’s commitment to support energy efficiency projects.

“The Government through the Energy Management Regulations 2012 provided measures towards energy efficiency and conservation. This regulations provide for robust energy consumption rating, energy audits, energy investment plan and energy conservation to enhance the sustainable utilization of energy resources.

This has resulted in the setting of electrical energy saving target of up to 647 gigawatt hours annually and thermal energy saving targets of up to 884,300 MJ (Megajoules) per year,” said Eng Mosonik.

Also at the event, KAM Chair Mr Sachen Gudka, noted that the main objective of the Energy Management Awards is to promote, recognize and drive energy efficiency and conservation with a view to conserve the environment and manage energy costs.

“Energy efficiency and process optimization are the biggest source of CO2 emissions abatement in the industrial sector. The slow progress in developing new and implementing existing energy efficiency policies and measures is attributed to its limited improvement.

Energy Efficiency is one of the initiatives that KAM has put in place to drive Kenya’s green economy. Other initiatives include water efficiency, waste management – PET plastic bottles and chemical wastes, Responsible Care and Green financing,” added Mr Gudka.

Energy Management Awards 2019 had four main classifications, The General Category, Renewable Energy Category, Water Efficiency Category and Students Award Category, that registering a total of 64 participants, 20 participants, 15 participants and 5 participants respectively.

Energy Management Awards 2019 Winners

No. Award category Winner Runners up Nominees
1 Best Most Improved Award Njoro Canning Factory Ltd Pwani Oil Products Ltd-Mombasa
  • BAT-Thika
  • Njoro Canning Factory Ltd
  • BAT Nairobi
  • Pwani Oil Products Ltd-Mombasa
2 Best New Entrant Award (S&M) Krystalline Salt Limited East African Paper Mills Limited, Thika
  • Minet  Kenya Insurance  Brokers Ltd
  • East African Paper Mills Limited, Thika
  • Ngorongo Tea Factory Ltd
  • Krystalline Salt Ltd
3 Best New Entrant Award (LC) Mombasa Cement Ltd-Vipingo Unit
  • Mombasa Cement Ltd-Vipingo Unit
4 Best Energy Management Team Award East African Breweries Ltd BAT-Thika
  • Mombasa Cement –Athi River
  • BAT-Thika
  • Kenya Breweries Ltd
  • Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd
5 Best Energy Management Service Sector Award Sarova Woodlands Nation Media Group-Mombasa Road Plant
  • Nation Media Group Ltd-Mombasa Road Plant
  • Minet Kenya Insurance Brokers Ltd
  • Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Ltd
  • Sarova Woodlands
6 Recognition: Energy Management Tea Sector Karirana Estates limited James Finlays – Kyumulot Factory
7 Recognition: Sustainable Finance Cooperative Bank Credit bank
8 Fuel Savings Award (SC) Kiru Tea Factory Spin Knit Ltd
  • Kiru Tea Factory
  • New Kcc Ltd-Dandora Factory
  • Spin Knit Ltd
  • East African Paper Mills Ltd
9 Fuel Savings Award (MC) Frigoken Ltd Karirana Estates Ltd
  • BAT -Thika
  • Olenguruone Tea Factory
  • Karirana Estates Ltd
  • Frigoken Ltd
10 Fuel Savings Award (LC) Kenya Breweries Ltd Bidco Africa –Thika Division
  • Kenya Breweries Ltd
  • Bidco Africa, Thika Division
  • Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd
  • Apex Steel Ltd-Rolling Division
11 Electricity Savings Award (SC) Executive Residency by Best Western James Finlay (K) Ltd-Kymulot Factory
  • Njoro Canning

Factory Ltd

  • James Finlay(K) Ltd-Kymulot Factory
  • Executive Residency by Best Western
  • Minet  Kenya Insurance Brokers Ltd
12 Electricity Savings Award (MC) BAT- Thika Umoja Rubber Products Ltd-Mombasa
  • East African Paper Mills-Thika
  • Umoja Rubber Products Ltd-Mombasa
  • Farmers Choice ltd
  • BAT- Thika
13 Electricity Savings Award (LC)   Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd Kenya Breweries Ltd
  • Mombasa

Cement Ltd

  • Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd
  • Bidco Africa Ltd-Thika Division
  • Kenya Breweries Ltd
14 Energy Innovation Award East African Breweries Ltd Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd
  • Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd
  • James Finlay-Chomogonday
  • Kenya Breweries Ltd
  • Mars Wrigley Confectionery
15 Sustained High Performance Award BAT Nairobi Bidco Africa Limited, Thika Division
  • BAT- Nbi
  • Spin Knit Limited
  • BAT- Thika
  • Bidco Africa Limited, Thika Division
16 Student’s Innovation Award PowerYako Project

By Joseph Mwaniki

Marystella Nakuro & Dennis Kariuki

Automatic Sun Tracking

Solar System (Path-Finder)

By Job Mochama, Elias Koome, Hassan Adan & Gideon Omangi

  • PowerYako
  • Automatic Sun Tracking Solar System (Path-Finder)
  • Usizo Energy System
  • Hystove
17 Overall Water Efficiency Award BAT -Thika   Kenya Breweries Ltd
  • BAT -Thika
  • Karirana Estates Ltd
  • Kenya Breweries Ltd
  • Bidco –Thika
  • Kenya Power & Lighting Company
  • Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Kengen
  • Danish Development Agency – Danida
  • Ministry of Energy
  • GIZ
  • Ministry of Industrialization Trade & Cooperatives
  • World Wide Fund –Kenya (WWF)
  • French Development Agency – AFD
19 Overall Renewable Energy Award Oserian Development Company Ltd Strathmore University
  • Strathmore University
  • Executive Residency by Best Western
  • Gitugi Tea Factory
  • Oserian Development Company Ltd
20 Overall Energy Management Award East African Breweries Ltd BAT-Thika
  • BAT-Thika
  • Kenya Breweries Ltd
  • Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd
  • Mombasa Cement-Athi River Unit


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