Haki Taxi has launched a new on demand taxi service in Kenya targeting customers in Nairobi and surrounding areas.

For costumers, Haki Taxi will charge Ksh. 16 per kilometer. On the drivers side the company has announced that it will charge drivers a flat commission of takes 10% of the earnings made. Haki Taxi will also provide Bodaboda services at a cost of Ksh. 23 per kilometer.

Speaking during the launch, the Executive Director, Mr. Caleb Kapten said that besides Haki Taxi offering competitive value for money, it also seeks to give Kenyans employment opportunities far beyond what they have now.

Haki Taxi also plans to corner the delivery market promising safe and fast deliveries. They will offer parcel delivery services through a team of foot couriers that deliver parcels and even food to offices.

The Haki Taxi app is available on the Google Playstore and Apple store.

Haki Taxi will compete with established players such as Uber, Taxify, Little, Sendy and Glovo.