Yesterday, Veronica Wroe driving a 1934 Rolls Royce Boatail emerged the winner at the CBA Concours D’Elegance. This was after she piped Sati Gata Aura to the title. Veronica beat Sati who had a 1977 Nissan 160J with only one point to clinch the title.

Wroe who emerged third overall last year had promised herself that she would work to improve her car. This year the car had new paintwork, varnish, a chrome upgrade and she also worked on the interior. The work done by Wroe on the Rolls Royce clearly impressed the judges.

During the judging, Sati beat Wroe by two points on the underside and three on external finish. But Wroe garnered a 4point advantage on the interior boot which Sati’s MG GT managed 51 points. Sati and Wroe tied on the car road worthiness with 6 points each. However, Wroe managed to surpass Sati with a solitary mark in the tussle for the engine supremacy.

Overall Winners in the Cars Category

  1. Veronica Wroe – 1934 Rolls Royce Boatail (270 points)
  2. Sati Gata-Aura – 1947 MG TG (269 points)
  3. Sati Gata-Aura – 1977 Nissan 1600 ( 269 points)
  4. Mike Duder – 1930 Ford Model A (269 points)
  5. Kevit Desai – 1968 Jaguar  (269 points)
  6. Bharat Pitroja – 1972 VW Beetle ( 260 points)
  7. Neyen Kavia – 1971 MGB (259 points)

Overall Winners in the Bikes Category

  1. Peter Giraudu – 1966 Triumph TR 6C
  2. Dominiqie Antoine – 1925 Triumph 550 SD
  3. Martin Kaiser – 1964 AJS Cafe Racer

Here are some of the photos from the event.

The Ugandans came dressed for the part

Mwende Ngao looking lovely at the event