In an effort to stimulate the innovation ecosystem in Kenya’s coastal region, Swahilipot Hub will be organising Pwani Innovation Week. A 5 day event that will provide opportunities to learn, showcase and experience innovation in action as well as provide a forum for discussions about a regional innovation strategy.

The Innovation Week will feature a variety of events including:

  • A two-day conference on December 6 – 7 at the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic
  • Bootcamps and workshops
  • Idea pitching and competitions
  • Keynote talks and panel discussions
  • Entertainment such as family, art and cultural events

Kenya’s Vision 2030 highlights the importance of innovation in creating a strong foundation for enhanced efficiency, sustained growth and promotion of value addition in goods and services. Pwani Innovation Week is, therefore, an opportunity to mainstream innovation across all sectors of the economy including “The Big Four”-Manufacturing, Universal Healthcare, Affordable Housing, and Food Security.

Additional details on the event are available on the Pwani Innovation Week website.

Swahilipot Hub is an innovation hub for Arts and Technology in Mombasa that supports members through training, mentorship and coworking facilities.