Maxwell Konadu, Ghana`s coach, told about his unbelievable happiness at beating Gambia in 2017 WAFU Cup of Nations opener, which took place in Elmina.

The game was rather controversial and challenging for both teams, but the Black Stars managed to win. Vincent Atinga scored the last penalty to see the tournament hosts triumph 1-0.

As it became known to, football experts told that it was a convincing show by Ghana team. However, Maxwell Konadu insisted that the start was good, but there was much work to do ahead.

“The Black Stars are always slow starters in many tournaments. However, today I’m thrilled with our start, particularly in the first half. The game was challenging, but my team kept on pushing for the winner. We finally received such a perfect chance in the last minute,” Ghana`s coach declared after the game.

Maxwell Konadu once again congratulated his team for an incredible match. “It was unbelievably difficult, but my boys managed to pull themselves together,” concluded the coach.

So, for now, Ghana took the first place in Group 1.