Governor Mike Sonko has announced that from 20th September, matatus will no longer enter the CBD. The move is aimed at easing congestion in town. These will be the new designated termini as from as from 20th September 2017.

  • Muranga Rd, terminus A (Fig Tree) – Routes accessing CBD from Waiyaki Way, Kipande Rd and Limuru Rd.
  • Muranga Rd, terminus B (Fig Tree) – Routes accessing CBD from Thika Rd including Kiambu Rd up to Ruiru.
  • Desai Service Rd terminus – Routes that go past Ruiru but branch off before/at Kenol Town on Nyeri/Meru Nairobi Highway.
  • Park Rd terminus – Routes that go past Kenol on Nyeri-Meru-Nairobi Highway
  • Ngara Rd terminus – All vehicles that use Juja Rd, Ring Rd Ngara and Park Rd to access CBD
  • Hakati terminus – All urban routes from Mombasa Rd and Langata Rd.
  • Railway terminus – All routes from Ngong Rd.
  • Muthurwa terminus – All routes from Jogoo Rd, Lusaka Rd.
  • Machakos terminus – All high capacity routes from upcountry.
  • Connecting all termini from CBD and upperhill – Circular route.
  • Central bus station – diametric routes.

If you happen to use public transport, ensure to note the new termini to avoid surprises once the ban is effected.

The ban was however lifted to allow for self regulation by the Matatu owners, let’s see how that goes.