It’s been about a week since Nairobi residents voted in Mike Sonko to be their new governor and from his tweets online, he is already getting down to the business of running the county.

The governor-elect’s mission as he shared online is as follows;

Clean up the city.

Every home will also be provided with trash cans that will be emptied everyday by city council

Allow photographers the freedom to document the city without harassment.

Concerning hawkers, he has promised to reclaim public markets that had been grabbed by government officials and move the hawkers there.

Sonko also hopes to kill two birds with one stone by hiring young and passionate Kenyans to public service and by doing so, improving service delivery.

He plans to reform Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company so that Nairobi residents have running water daily.

Governor-elect Mike Sonko has assured Nairobi residents that he will not let us down. I’m sure Nairobians are excited to see change in Nairobi and hope that the steam of public service from Sonko and team does not blow off after he is sworn in.

That being said, we will keep a keen eye on you Governor Sonko.