Having sex with someone special for the first time is exciting. But you need to work a little bit to make it all as smooth as possible. Here are the simple rules every new couple needs to remember.

  1. Create the atmosphere. Although quickies are common at the initial stages of relationships, it’s always better to have some plan. Most daters who seek constant partners don’t have to hurry because a first sexual intercourse takes communication between men and women to another level. If this new guy or girl will likely come to your bedroom tonight, make sure that everything’s ready for a romantic adventure.
  2. Keep it rather slow. Physical interaction is one of the ways to get to know each other so there is no need to rush the things (especially if you want to meet a Russian wife). Hustle can kill your sensations. Thus, you should learn your partner’s body step by step and let him/her learn yours. Have a quality time! Gaze into your lover’s eyes, watch how he or she reacts to your every movement and simply enjoy.
  3. What’s with your underwear? Yes, this is an important question. Irrespectively of how quickly you will undress each other, your partner will see you in your underwear so you should look fabulous. If you plan to dedicate the upcoming night to lovemaking, wear your sexiest lingerie/boxers/whatever you like to wear. By the way, if you are about to go to your lover’s place, put one extra set in your bag to ensure good hygiene.
  4. Take care of contraception. STDs are definitely the worst thing you may encounter in your sex life; I also suppose that you don’t want to face an unexpected pregnancy. Even though your girlfriend takes hormonal pills, I’d advise you to stock up on condoms in order to minimize the risk. And if you’re a woman, do not hesitate to ask your man whether he has taken care of protection.
  5. Chill out. Anxiety is your main enemy tonight. It’s normal if thinking of your love night gives you thrills of anticipation but don’t let them grow into panic. What’s significant about it is that you should calm down by using mental techniques rather than taking sedatives or drinking too much. Strictly speaking, one glass of red wine is pretty enough to keep you in high spirits.
  6. Talk to your partner. Don’t be afraid of asking whether he or she likes what you do and of speaking about your preferences. Verbal communication is necessary for maintaining harmony in your couple; I certainly recommend conveying your thoughts during a sexual act. Just keep in mind you should be polite and non-oppressive.
  7. Avoid comparing this new person to your exes. This is probably the most painful thing you can do to your partner so avoid even mentioning any of your previous lovers. Maybe, some of them did it slightly better but, on the other hand, it’s too early to make conclusions yet.
  8. Keep in mind that youre amazing! Forget about your complexes, this will help you do what you want and enjoy the process. If you will let negative thoughts conquer your mind, all your efforts may be in vain. Confidence is your main weapon when it comes to building love.
  9. Don’t make it too eccentric. We all have our specific tastes in bed – there’s nothing wrong about it. Yet mutual learning in a couple should be gradual: start with the simplest things and explore new areas. If you begin with radical stuff, your new partner may feel uncomfortable. Let the two of you adapt to each other.
  10. Sex doesn’t necessarily revolve around the orgasm. So do not pursue it! Lovers can receive pleasure without reaching a climax if they think about each other’s needs. Struggling to make your partner orgasm or blaming him/her of your dissatisfaction is totally wrong.