Zuku last week announced the launch of a product with the highest internet speeds in Kenya at a whopping 250 Mbps. The product aptly named Home Advanced package includes 250 Mbps internet speed, Zuku Tv, free cable modem for internet service, a free Tv set top box and a telephone.

According to Zuku this product is designed to satisfy customer need of streaming videos and movies, real time gaming and live video chat. These services require higher bandwidth and low latency internet services. In my view this product is better suited to individuals who work from home from time to time and are willing to pay a premium to access good uninterrupted internet services. This comes on the back of a Ksh 2.6 Billion investment by Zuku to upgrade its network and infrastructure services.

For those not able to pay a premium there are other packages cater for their needs depending on their wallets. These are the 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps packages. To celebrate the introduction of their new product, Zuku has announced that they will upgrade the speeds of all their current customers at no additional cost.

The Home Advanced package goes for Ksh 19,999.