An unveiling done in Kampala by the Uganda Revenue Authority revealed the Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTs), capable of allowing revenue ports in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda to track the transport of goods from one port to another.

At USD 4.4 Million, the tracking system will help reduce transit time, with Frank Matsaert, TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) CEO claiming possibilities of cargo moving from Mombasa to Kampala within two days. There will also be a decline in cargo theft and diversion of goods, hence decreasing business costs. This will allow traders to better predict the arrival of their supplies, and enable the three countries to seal loopholes that lead to revenue loss because of diversion of untaxed goods into the market.

Goods moving from Mombasa Port to Kampala and Kigali will be closely monitored by RECTs satellites and central command centers in each of the revenue authority stations. An electronic seal is attached on transit cargo vehicles and communicates with the command center giving them updates in real time such as vehicle location, speed, and if the container is tampered with or not. Importers, transporters, and the revenue authorities will be able to see this information. Rapid response units are stationed so as to respond to alerts about suspicious behavior like a diversion from designated route, unusually long stop over, or attempt to open a container, which is investigated and resolved immediately.

The service will be free as Revenue Authorities will meet all operational costs.