Nowadays there are a lot of unemployed people around the world and Kenya is not an exception. Due to the constant change of the customers’ demands on a usual labor market, many people prefer to change poorly paid temporary jobs than to find the permanent one. However, the majority is always forgetting about the perfect source of making money, which is the Internet. It offers huge opportunities for making real money without even going out of your home.

Here is the list of 7 easy ways to make money online in Kenya

  1. Freelancing

These days a lot of people prefer to become freelancers. First of all, you can work at home, which is very comfortable for all people, even the oldest. Secondly, you don’t have to meet your employers in the real life, you just communicate with them via the social networks or special apps. Freelance doesn’t mean you will only have to do writing jobs. You may also create logos, edit videos and interpret text, basically anything you are capable of. Convenient job platforms are easy to find, so just Google it!

2. Start your business online

Many famous and rich people started their career on the Internet. Of course, there is no need to create the second Facebook, but why don’t you try to create the second OLX for instance? Create your own online shop which will be selling either goods or services. Only your creativity and a few TED talks on economics and setting up your business are required. Be ready, though, that you will probably need small opening capital. If you don’t have any ideas what exactly you want to offer customers, propose them something you can yourself. For instance, if you can motivate people, become a life coach. Good at baking? Then it is time to see home-made bakery!

3. Academic writing

This job won’t be suitable for all, but some people can try it. To cut the long story short, ‘academic writing’ job means writing homework for a very lazy student who pays you for this. Before doing it, you will need to make a small research just to get acquainted with the specific topic. The common topics for academic writing are about health, education, law and English/foreign literature. If you are an expert in any of these fields, take your chances!

4. Online surveys

Many people don’t use this method of getting money online much, however it works. Basically, you need to sign up on a survey site and just answer the questions in a random survey (or the one you choose). Then you get your money, or something else. For instance, some survey websites offer you gift cards or season tickets for using services, so be careful and don’t be disappointed with it. Unfortunately, you won’t get a lot of money for this, but all in all, it is the easiest work. All you need is patience.

5. Betting on sports

Even though gambling is a very dangerous way of earning money, many people still use it. If you are a lucky person or just good at predicting things, you may try this method. However, there is a big chance that you will lose your money and not win. Perhaps, Sportpesa is the best gambling site in Kenya to take your chances. It has created a lot of millionaires, though they won’t protect you from becoming a loser. The choice is yours.

  1. Building mobile apps

If you are good at IT, the best way to use, develop and earn money from your skill is probably creating mobile apps. Do those for your local shops, restaurants or create the unique ones to make people’s lives easier. Brainstorm all the possible ideas or create something you have always wanted to, persuade others to download it and get your money from your work online! Sounds super easy, but don’t be lazy, otherwise no one will be able to appreciate your tech talent.

  1. Become a social network star

This method sounds more like a joke, but there are a lot of young people, who became quite popular among the youngsters from the whole world. How is it connected to earning money? Simply. If many people watch your videos on YouTube or read your Twitter, some companies are interested in paying you in order to promote their goods. Not too obviously though. Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles, Connor Franta, Joey Graceffa and many others are already quite secured. All they do is encouraging people to watch about their lives and listen to their thoughts. Don’t believe it’s real? Fashion stylist Silvia Njoki and fitness guru Jane Mukami who are Kenian Instagram celebrities will easily prove you are wrong! Want to be like them? Start your own channel and be the new YouTube or Twitter star!

The information was provided by Tuko News