Given that the iTax system is a computer system like any other, you are bound to encounter a few challenges here and there. I have put together a few tips on how to address some of these challenges. However, if you encounter something which is not addressed here don’t hesitate to contact the guys at Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) who will be at hand to help you out.

Forgotten/Misplaced passwords

This happens even to the best of us and for iTax it is worse as most of us use it once in a year. But if you find that you can’t remember your password don’t fret, recovering it is quite easy. Just insert your PIN and click on continue, this will bring you to the second page where you are expected to insert your password. If you don’t remember the password, click on Forgot Password.  After which you will be expected to answer a security question. You chose this question and the answer to it during registration so it should be easy to remember. Once you choose the question and answer it, your password will be reset. However, ensure that you have access to the email address that you registered with as this is where the reset password will be sent.

Email address used is no longer accessible

If it happens that you have lost both the password for iTax and the email address that you used to register. What you need to do is send a colored scan of your original national ID and a working email address to This will enable the guys at KRA to amend the email address to the one which is working.

Making a payment on iTax

If you need to make a payment on iTax for let’s say a fine or penalty. What you need to do is click on the payments menu on the toolbar. A drop down will pop up, choose the first option ‘Payment Registration’ and fill in the details on this page and submit after which you will be able to download the E-slip. You can make payment through Mpesa via the paybill number 572572 or use the downloaded E-slip as your deposit slip for bank payments.

Error message on date of birth

When registering on iTax for the first time, you might get an error message that your date of birth is inconsistent with the records at national registrations bureau. This will mean that you can’t proceed with the registration. Worry not, try using 1st /July/Y.O.B however, if this does not work contact KRA on or call them.

Error 146021787851

This error usually occurs while you are trying to upload your return on iTax and it is due to connectivity issues. I encountered it several times last year as I tried to file my return such that I just opted to file it manually. Given the fact that KRA is not allowing one to file manual returns this year, you will have to keep on trying till you are able to upload.