Mahindra yesterday launched their all new SUV the New Age XUV500 in the Kenyan market. The car is apparently a game changer in the premium SUV market and has created a niche for itself due to it’s aspirational styling, advanced technology, safety features and comfort. During the launch Mahindra also announced the opening of a regional office in Nairobi which will be used to serve East and Central Africa.

The XUV500 sports a sculpted exterior with a stylish front grille with chrome inserts, static bending headlamps with light guides, 17 inch alloy wheels with a rear chrome applique. An electric sunroof, 6-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, 18cm (7inch) touchscreen infotainment system with GPS, plush beige leather seats. Other features which make the SUV stand out are;

  • Fully automatic gear box. The car has a transmission with a torque convertor and a planetary gear train that enables smooth and precise gear shift. Intuitive gear changes combine the responsiveness of a manual transmission with the hassle free operation of an automatic making gear shifts smooth and barely perceptible.
  • 6 speed automatic transmission. The higher gear ratio enables the driveline to deliver better fuel efficiency than a conventional 5 speed automatic. This is due to the fact that the gear ratios are optimized to ensure that the engine uses the minimum amount of fuel.
  • All Wheel Drive (AWD). The SUV comes with an AWD option for the adventure seekers, this ensures that the vehicle’s torque is suitably distributed between the wheels to provide good traction on rugged or slippery terrain. The car does this by sensing the difference in RPM between the front and rear wheels.
  • Minimum service, with the XUV500 one does not have to keep changing the Automatic Transmission Fluid. This is due to the fact that in this SUV it is filled for life ensuring that service cost is kept to a minimum.
  • Easy cruising in the city, the gear box is capable of providing brisk acceleration and smooth delivery of torque enabling a relaxed and stress free drive even in stop and go traffic. It also comes with a creep function to aid in slow moving traffic.
  • Intelligent adaptation to terrains and altitudes, the transmission is capable of adapting to mid and high altitudes thus allowing for good drivability in these conditions. Two uphill climbing allow the vehicles to take on slopes effortlessly.

Speaking at the launch, Adil Popat CEO Simba Corporation had this to say, “The XUV 500 Automatic with its numerous features and competitive pricing, is a great package. We are confident that it will be well accepted in Kenya and will be a game changer for Mahindra’s automotive operations in the country.”