Brighter Monday has introduced a career center with an aim of engaging  the audience with career advice and tips from HR experts hence empowering them with career knowledge that will get them ready for the job market. The move comes from the growing demand which sees over 30,000 Kenyans log in to search of a job opportunity. The number has been growing especially as higher university intakes lead to over 500,000 graduates entering the job market every year.

The Kenya Economic Report 2014 shows Kenya is characterized by high rates of unemployment among the youth at 70%, coupled with similarly high rates of underemployment and informal employment in the same demographic employment rate among those aged 15 to 24 years stood at only 48.6%, but this rose to 62.7% for those in the 15 to 35 age group.

Speaking while unveiling the portal, the Chief Executive Officer of Brighter Monday, Eva Slootweg noted that the portal would engage job seekers who go through the education system offering training, mentorship and planning. Additionally, employers will share some insights on what they expect from job seekers in the job market through addressing common challenges in the workplace.

The CEO added, “We are very keen on battling youth unemployment that has included offering all volunteer organizations and companies offering internship opportunities to post those options on our website for free, but more we are also providing a resourceful tool that shall guide this audience on areas they need to improve on to increase their chances of getting a job. We are happy to add the Brighter Monday career center as a resource to our job seekers offering.” is a leading job site which links quality job seekers to potential employers in a single platform and a timely manner. The website understands the challenges of the job market in the country, thus assists employers to reach out to the best talent with the lowest amount of effort and in this way increasing individual chances for job seekers to get a job. The site has an offering for internships and free career advice resource. This offering will help its audience gain the work experience while at the same time improving their knowledge on areas they need to grow.

The career center is a feature that was also embraced by Barclays Bank Kenya, which last month launched a similar platform, the ReadyToWork programme, a free online resource website which will help prepare college and university graduates for the job market. When more active job seekers gain work experience, they become more valuable talent for tomorrow, hence employers will find the Brighter Monday Career Center is increasing the chances of getting really good candidates faster. The platform comes at a time when it is much needed in the Kenyan job market, to serve as a link between employers and employees and make their communication and access to each other more efficient.