Durex has recently been involved research on how technology affects our sex lives. The one finding that has been constant is that technology has destructed couples, so much so that they no longer have enough time for each other… or could be in the same place, room or even bed without sharing the same experiences and consequently putting off sex.

It is with this information, from a survey conducted by Durham University that DurexLabs went out and attempted to create solutions for this problem. One of their earlier ideas was the off button; they even did a video of volunteer couples talking about the use of the off button and how it has affected their lives.

Well, Durex did not stop at the off button and the YouTube video. Basing their thoughts on information found in the Durham University findings, Durex has gone ahead and built an app.

The Durex Connect Application synchronizes partners’ phones and sees them go to sleep at the same time. It could be pre arranged and spontaneous, but the goal is one. By taking away people from technology, the Durex Connect app seeks to see to it that people are not too distracted to spend quality time with their partners.

The Durex Connect app is available on Google Playstore for android and will soon be available for iOS.

Another interesting bit about the app is that since it actually sees phones go to sleep simultaneously, it is promote energy conservation. This is especially a timely conservation seeing as we are about to celebrate Earth Hour. Now, Earth Hour is a global initiative started by the World Wide Fund for Nature. It sees to promotion of climate change awareness by switching off the lights from 8.30 to 9.30pm on every last Saturday of the Month, since 2007. Earth Hour promotes not just saving energy, but switching off and reconnecting with things that are of important to us; a principle common to the Durex Connect app as well. More information on the Earth Hour, which takes place on the 28th of March this year, can be found here.

Also, do not forget to try out the Durex Connect app from Google Store and see if it indeed changes the quality of your sex life.