According to Deloitte African Construction Trends Reports 2014, infrastructure projects in the East Africa dropped while the same increased in other parts of the continent.

Only 51 projects were identified in the region, compared to 93 recorded the previous year, a 55 per cent drop. The total value of the projects slid from US$67.688 billion to US$60.671 billion.

Kenya led led in the bulk of large capital infrastructure projects implemented in East Africa, followed by Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda. The transport sector was the biggest contributor in Kenya.

The report further states that inspite of the oil and gas boom in the region, projects are not manifesting; between US$60 billion to US$70 billion needs to be invested in infrastructure in the oil and gas sector.

Overall, the value of mega projects under construction across Africa in 2014 stood at US$326 billion, a 68 per cent growth from US$222 billion the previous year. Whereas the number of projects dropped to 257 from 322 evaluated in 2013, the average value rose to US$1.27 billion from US$689 million the previous year.

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