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FIFA 15 is scheduled for launch this September and has already had the video game’s fans talking. In my opinion, the 14th installment was somewhat of a disappointment despite the incorporation of pro instincts, precision movement and the obviously improved graphics. But that’s just me. FIFA 13 was awesome though and still remains my favorite to date. So, it the 15th installment worth the hype?

One of the features I am looking forward to is the new team management. Unlike previous version, FIFA 15 will allow you to customize six different team sheets per club so you can alter your strategy based on your next opponent. You can also customize the formation and tactics for your different team sheets. How awesome is that?! This will come in handy to save players a lot of time especially those who play on career mode and have to rotate players for the different competitions.

Thanks to the special one and Chelsea, just kidding, the new FIFA allows your teammates and opponent to adapt their tactics depending on how the match is progressing. You can now park the bust ro waste time depending on how the match progresses.

Another feature that will sure have loads of fans is emotional intelligence. My friend says that now you can dishearten your opposition by scoring in the first minutes of the match. Waiting to see if that is true or not. Each player will have an attitude or feeling towards teammates and opponents so look forward to awesome derby matches.

English Premier League fans will love the new FIFA as it comes with all 20 club stadiums unlike FIFA 14 that had on eight authentic premier league stadiums. The fans in these stadiums have been made to react as they would in a real match so I can’t wait to see the Arsenal traitors visit the Emirates, especially Nasri :).

A new feature added to career mode will allow scouts to automatically recognize the weaknesses in your squad and suggest replacement players based on the team you want to build.

Last but not least is the living pitch feature that will allow the pitch to wear down over time and reflect the battle on the field or the weather condition.

In conclusion I’d say yes, the new FIFA is worth the hype.