With the introduction of more low cost carriers in Kenya, more domestic travellers are seemingly opting to go by air rather than road or rail, it is however important to know whether you really are getting the best deal possible, whether traveling domestically or internationally. After all, most people are always looking into saving their money where they can!

1. Don’t wait for the last minute – This phrase has been said over and over again, but the modern traveler still overlooks it. The early bird really does catch the worm and in this case the earlier you book the cheaper it will be.

2. Compare prices on the internet- Comparison never really hurts, this way it makes you be in control and know that what you are buying is really the best deal possible.

3. Be in the Know – Sign up for agent and airline newsletter. To always be among the first to enjoy the super discount deals or the free upgrades, you need to be in the know; Knowledge is power.

4. Use a travel agent – These guys have been around for a while and even though you have the internet, the travel agents know how the system “on the ground” works and are always on the know. Also, they deal with all the carriers, so they definitely know where the best deal lies.

5. Avoid the “extra flight services” such as checked in Luggage, special on flight meals, picking your seat, pre – boarding passes etc. These usually come at an extra cost added on to the ticket price, though when you think of it…why would anyone want to pay extra to be allowed to board earlier than everyone else?

6. If possible, travel midweek and avoid weekends. Just as in booking a hotel room, midweek usually works out cheaper than the weekends because most people travel over the weekend when they are free thus demand causing prices to rise.

Do you agree with us, what measures do you take to avoid spending much on your ticket?