The health benefits of Olivia extra virgin olive oil


Olivia Olive Oil

With the rise in cases of lifestyle diseases like heart disease, some types of Cancer and Diabetes, it is no wonder that more health professionals emphasize the need to eat and live healthy. More homes now use cholesterol free oils to cook and consume less of processed foods as part of preventive measures. Olive oil from the olive fruit has become a favorite for many due to its nutritional value, health benefits and variety of uses around the home.

Olive oil comes in many forms based on how much it has been processed and the acidity levels in each form. Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the fruit by pressing only which makes it fruity, nutritious and full of flavor so it is used a lot in salads. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most natural form and may be priced higher than other forms due to its high nutrient content and superior quality. The processed Refined Olive Oil is best used to cook and you can go for the Pure, Olive Pomace or Lite Oil forms.

Olivia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from only the best olives and its premium quality certifies its use by leading chefs from all over the world. Its health benefits are immense, including the prevention of breast and prostrate amongst other cancers due to the oleic acid it contains. Use of Olivia Extra Virgin Olive Oil will help to improve digestion and reduce the risk of ulcers and you will have stronger bones, healthier skin and better cognitive functioning. Besides, it is known to lower levels of blood cholesterol and improve the control of blood sugar thus minimizing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

You may notice that Olivia Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in dark bottles but that only helps to shield it from excessive light so it stays fresh for longer periods. Go for fresher oils based on the manufacturing/ best-before date on the bottle and for the best quality, confirm that the olives have been hard-pressed from the label/ tag. For superior quality oil made from the finest olives, coupled with great nutritional value, the price of the Olivia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is definitely value for your money. It is the kind of product you want to have in your kitchen if you are keen about living healthy and using the best products. Olivia Extra Virgin Olive Oil most definitely adds a touch of class to your dining experience.

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