Challenging patriachy

It has been the narrative of late about the rise of Africa on various measurement scale e.g economics, technology and the likes. A lot of focus has been on the technological infrastructure laid down by various governments and the call has been for organizations in Africa to make use of this infrastructure to cut costs and streamline operations.
One of the organizations that have decided to set a new trend is the Heinrich Boll Foundation. Under their Engendering Leadership Program they have created the ELP Virtual Conference happening online from Monday the 28th of October to the 30th of October. The theme for the conference will be “Challenging Patriarchy in Africa” and will include panelist and speakers from Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. The video stream of the conference shall be live thus allowing audiences from around the world to take part in the discussion and contribute on social media and the conference website.

The conference will provide a platform for an African conversation on advancing feminist thought and action on the continent, exploring ‘New Spaces and Strategies for Advancing Gender Equality in Africa’. In order to do so, the conference will look critically at state-centered interventions targeting gender inequality in Africa while at the same time document and discuss strategies to tackle patriarchy that do not rely on the state – in the economic, the political and the public sphere.

They have also set to engage more people in the conversation under the hashtag #endpatriarchy on various platforms such as twitter @cpafrica13 and Facebook /cpafrica13.

To be part of the audience and engage further you can register on the website