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There are so many things that factor to the success of a romantic relationship from chemistry to things in common, is age one of this factors? It is a saying that age is nothing but a number but in a judgmental or rather conservative society like our big difference in years for couples is normally frowned upon. Terms such as sugar daddy and sugar mummy have been created ( though this depends on the context). But the bottom line to the existence of such labels is that people look at the age factor when judging other people’s relationship.

I am of the school of thought that maturity, is more so a relative term, and is not related to the number of years one has under the belt. In school you were taught that girls mature faster than their age and boys mature slowly as compared to their age ( mind you can be a big video games, as I am, and still maintain a high level of maturity. Just saying).

To some though age does matter as we go through various experiences in life and thus a big age difference would mean one won’t be on the same page in life. This is also a valid point and I leave it open for discussion. I am not stating with finality that age doesn’t matter but just saying that it does not carry as much wait to factor in the success of a relationship.

I read a book once that guys prefer older women and girl prefer older men. This applies to the vice versa with older guys preferring younger women and older women preferring younger men. (Feel like I just went in cycles there). Think the book was “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.

Is age really nothing but a number in relationships?