Buying a laptop can be a bit of a hustle especially if you’re not tech savvy (which majority of the population aren’t). It all really depends on what you want the laptop (or desktop) for but there are a few basics that can be helpful for a general case like if it’s just for personal use.


A computer’s memory is vital for system efficiency and it is advisable to have at least 2GB of RAM available.


When it comes to this, you should go with the fastest you can afford though make sure it is a minimum of 2.5GHz. Most laptops this days come with fast processors so this is not really an area to worry about.


One of the main reasons you buy a laptop is portability and with advances in technology it seems like laptops are getting thinner and lighter. If you are planning to travel with your laptop a lot, a lighter one might be more advisable.

Screen size.

Most laptops come with a 15-inch screen but depending with what you do, there might be need for a larger screen. But beware that the larger the screen the heavier the laptop.

Graphics and sound card.

This are really important if you want to use your laptop for multimedia purposes and gaming. If so, ask for those with more sophisticated sound and video features.


Last but not least, ask for something within your price range. You can pretty much get laptops that suit your needs at affordable prices these days.