Call of Duty

They are slowly becoming a popular hangout joint for college and high school students in Nairobi and can be found packed to capacity from morning to evening. If you are big video games fan in Nairobi but don’t have your own console then you’ve probably visited a gaming center to enjoy your favorite game. Over the years, the gaming community has grown at a rapid rate though mostly attracting a largely male population with most being attracted to the soccer games like FIFA and PES.

Gaming centers are a great place to pass time and have fun in town and also a very lucrative business. At Trix gaming center on Kenyatta Avenue, the charge is 150 per hour and the place is normally filled to capacity with gamers having to even wait in line for others to finish. This might seem a high charge but most gamers feel it’s worth the cost and rarely does one spend less than an hour. With comfortable couches and available snacks it’s possible to spend a whole afternoon just playing.

There have even been several video game tournaments though not widely known but with the rate at which interest is growing this can be an opportunity to engage more gamers and build strong communities offline. Gaming centers also attracts female gamers with most coming to enjoy virtual dancing games. So next time you’re looking for a place to pass time while waiting or with friends in town just head on to a nearby gaming center.