Incorporating learning during play

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There are many things that we learn in our adulthood that make us resolve to teach our children from a young age. For some people it is learning how to play instruments while for others it is swimming or dancing. The general feeling is that we would excel at these activities if we had learned them as children and so we hope to save our kids from such regrets.

I learned how to play a good number of board games at a very young age. It was exciting because it meant that I got to spend quality time with my parents and accomplishments, however minor, were awarded. Brain teasers were interesting too but I would take it hard on myself if I failed to solve them so I kept away from them eventually.

I think that it would be important to expose children to games such as scrabble, chess, monopoly, Sudoku, brain teasers and the like, as early as possible. The games make great activities for playtime and parents would be sure that computers are tools for learning and play and there would be less need to keep children away. The games improve the child’s vocabulary, creativity and concentration levels and helps with their decision making skills. In addition, such games enhance memory performance and improve learning ability in a relaxed and fun environment. Introverted children can interact with others through these games and there are higher chances of children being experts in adulthood if they start early and keep practicing.

Such activities can be encouraged using small gifts or the involvement of parents. Many children would love to spend time with their parents and these games provide a platform to enhance these relations. So, what things would you wish your kids learned and what have you done about it?

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