Chico Leco presents

Chico Leco Presents, an initiative of The Nest, is a video showcase of eight stunning collections by Kenyan fashion designers.

It features the works of Katungulu Mwendwa, Kepha Maina, Nick Ondu (Ankara Vintage), Ruth Abade (Black Fly), Sydney Owino (Blackbird), Sunny Dolat, Sheila Amolo and Wambui Mukenyi.

The short films are directed by Jim Chuchu and will feature models Namnyak Odupoy, Knicco Hodge and Fiona Muthoni, and sound-design/poetry by Adeiyu.

The first of the 8 short films created for Chico Leco Presents titled “Chico Leco Presents Dinka Translation by Katungulu Mwendwa” was released today. Katungula Mwendwa is a young Kenyan fashion designer who showcased her collection at the GenArt ‘Fresh Faces in Fashion’ show during New York Fashion Week 2012 and was met with tremendous praise.

Check out the video below:

New videos will be released every weekday from April 10th – 19th at and the schedule is below:

April 10 – Katungulu Mwendwa (Dinka Translation) – Done

April 11 – Sunny Dolat (Sun Seeker)

April 12 – Kepha Maina (Eden by Night)

April 15 – Nick Ondu (Urban Hunter)

April 16 – Blackbird (Retro Reflections)

April 17 – Wambui Mukenyi (Moon Flower)

April 18 – Sheila Amolo (Glamourai)

April 19 – Ruth Abade (Enfant de Boheme)