When you listen to Omenerds podcast, the first thing that hits you is how relatable the content is, something which feels like a breath of fresh air as you struggle to navigate the madness that is adulthood. Knowing that you’re not alone is always helpful.

The team at Omenerds describe their podcast as a ‘Quirky and fun podcast that mixes debate and conversation about various topics that are relevant to the ever changing social scene in Kenya.’

The podcast is written and produced by Max, Laureezy, Thuita, Jimmy and Ti̶m̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ and recorded at Ennovatormusic Studios. Their first episode, titled ‘Catsoup and Escapism’,  delved into the various coping mechanisms people use when faced with problems. It featured Njoki Ngumi and Jim Chuchu of The Nest/Heva Fund as special guests.

What inspired you to start a podcast?

Thuita: It was a joke, that somehow materialised into a podcast.
Jimmy: I got a text from Laureezy and as they say the rest is history.
Laureezy: I thought that the conversations being had by my fellow ‘nerds’ needed to heard. I also overestimate how interesting I am
Tim: I DMed Laureezy about doing a podcast .. She came to the studio we talked about doing it.. and then she got everyone else!! .. She’s the Admin in life too..
Max: I joined the podcast because I’m trying to launch my KaoJazz (Kamba-Jazz) music career, this seemed like a direct path.

How do you come up with the topics that you choose to discuss during your podcast?

Thuita: We’re all friends in constant communication. At some point in the day, an idea pops up that we really like.
Jimmy: Random suggestions
Laureezy: Everyday life and conversations
Tim: What Thuita said + We talk amongst ourselves and thrash out ideas .. There’s ruthless editing on what to keep.. So no time for feelings. Basically the best idea in the room wins.
Max: The topics choose us

Who are the people you are trying to reach out to with your podcast?

Thuita: Middle class Nu Nairobi
Jimmy: Sexy singles in my area
Laureezy: People who will find us so fascinating that they’ll want to buy us stuff
Tim: Anyone who’s yearning for something honest, edgy fun and bila morality filters, Omenerds is for you…
Max: Joy Kendi

What equipment/software would one need in order to start a podcast?

Thuita: You just need a Timwork
Jimmy: Ask Tim.
Laureezy: You need a good Tim
Max: Tim
Tim: You need quiet place to record , a studio is ideal as they are soundproof or acoustically treated. Restaurants, living rooms, halls are tricky.
Equipment wise : Fast enough computer [ Mac or PC] with an external sound card that allows you to connect one or more microphones. You also need software [ Logic, Protools, Cubase, Audition ] that allows you to edit audio. Lastly you need some monitors/speakers or a good pair of headphones.
Lastly a good pair of ears or technical know how to be able to decipher if something is wrong with the recordings.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone who is interested in starting their own podcast/ creating their own content online?

Thuita: Just do it
Jimmy: Drink KC coconut on the job.
Laureezy: Subscribe to this podcast first
Tim: You can’t do it alone get a couple of people around an idea… and just do it. Also KC coconut helps.
Max: Advice costs nudes, insert nudes for advice please.

What happens on the days you record the show?

Max: On days we record the show; KC coconut and sprite at the gate, we play Ciothe by Bfergy really loudly, then Tim shouts at people to get serious, I practice my twerk-stance, Jimmy takes selfies, Laureezy fights air, Thuita touches himself on his iPhone, finally at around 11pm…we settle down and record
Thuita: We all get to the studio on (African) time. Inquire about KC Coconut. Then Tim encroaches our personal spaces with microphones. We do a few audio tests, then we just start talking and kind of forget that we’re being recorded.
Jimmy: Actually I take photos of Max doing her twerk stance. She’s in the best form of her life bai the wei (sic)
Laureezy: Wait, why am I fighting air?

What’s the reception for the podcast been like?

We have received a lot of positive feedback, people are excited to hear what we have planned out for the next episodes. Long Live Omenerds!

What content can we expect from you in future?

This sounds like something I can relate to, this sounds like an experience I have lived through. Our goal is to continue to talk about the work that goes into being Kenyan especially in this space of kujitegemea, finding clever ways to laugh at ourselves, finding ways to escape even for forty minutes.

The Omenerds podcast is available on as well on your favourite podcast app on Apple [Podcast app] Android [Podcast Addict, Podbean, pocket casts etc.].