Buni Media, the creators and producers of the political satire TV show The XYZ Show, have launched Buni TV, a new web and mobile Pan-African digital video platform. It will be available on web and mobile

At launch, the platform will offer the entire 5 seasons of The XYZ Show, award-winning Kenyan animation films like Kwame Nyong’o’s The Legend of Ngong Hills, documentaries by Egyptian filmmaker Abu Bakr Shawky, Nigerian children TV program Bino and Fino, music videos from across the continent, as well as content provided by its partnership with Scotland’s Africa in Motion film festival. Buni TV will also act as a curator, showcasing film trailers and other videos already existing online but notoriously hard to find.

Streaming videos on Buni TV will initially be free with advertising. Buni TV will share the revenue made from advertising around their work with the filmmakers on a 50-50 basis. In the future, the platform will develop a subscription option to allow access to premium content.