Guinness has introduced a new innovation in Kenya, the Guinness ProServe, that pours the beer in an expert way delivering a better drinking experience for customers.

The Guinness ProServe system is a battery powered machine that pours the beer automatically at the touch of a lever.

To achieve the perfect pour, a chilled Guinness 330ml can is inserted into the Guinness ProServe, a glass is inserted on the lower end and then a lever is pulled the Guinness ProServe machine does the rest. The machine tilts the glass to the perfect angle before releasing the Guinness liquid in a two part pour to form a thick, creamy head.

The new innovation has been launched in 5 bars across Nairobi. It is available at K1 Klub house, Bar Next Door Kiambu Road, Geco, Kengeles and Bar XO.

Global Head of Guinness quality, Steve Gilsenan was in Kenya to mark the launch. He said “We are so excited to show consumers what Guinness has been developing” says Guinness Shopper Marketing Manager, Duncan Onwong’a. “The true magic of Guinness unfolds when it is chilled perfectly, tilted at the right angle and poured slowly to enjoy its complex flavours and we’re thrilled that the new Guinness ProServe will bring this experience to consumers in an easy, automated and exciting way. We look forward to seeing our consumers come together over a perfect Guinness at K1, The Bar Next Door (BND), Bar XO, Kengeles and Geco.”