Trevor Fotel, hailing from Kenya, has teamed up with long-time friend and fellow rapper G5-Fotel to release their latest single, Kesho. The song explores the aspirations and ambitions of modern times, delving deep into the pursuit of success and the hidden costs that accompany it.

In verse one, Trevor Fotel raps about his early dreams, viewing today as his Kesho (tomorrow), and how those dreams have evolved over time. He delves into his vision for his future family, spiritual journey, and the pursuit of wealth, aligning with the overarching theme of his upcoming album, Money Talks. G5-Fotel’s verse weaves a tapestry of hope and determination, narrating his aspirations for prosperity and success, all while embracing the philosophy of Coram Deo.

Kesho encourages listeners to ponder what it truly means to “make it” in the modern world and challenges the notion of being self-made as a successful individual.

You can watch the Kesho video below and you also stream it on all digital music platforms