Manufacturers have today committed to scale up clean energy initiatives as the country seeks to realize a low carbon future. This was during the 9th Clean Energy Conference and Expo, hosted by Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

Speaking at the forum, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Ag. Director Renewable Efficiency, Mr David Mutisya, noted that Kenya has made great strides in the use of clean and renewable energy, “We are fully committed to spearheading the national efforts on energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change issues. We recognize that it is near impossible to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and reliable energy without a keen focus on clean energy. The fight against energy poverty, will result in increased decent green jobs from the use of clean energy technologies. We continue to hold great ambition towards a low carbon future. Let us all collaborate to achieve our ambitious targets.”

State Department of Environment and Climate Change, Secretary Administration, Ms Esther Lokwei noted that access to clean and affordable is key for sustainable development, “Promoting energy efficiency and conservation is paramount as it supports the country’s initiatives towards a low carbon future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Ministry has spearheaded the implementation of climate change policies and frameworks for climate change mitigation and green growth. We have done this in collaboration with KAM among other partners.”

KAM Chief Executive, Mr Anthony Mwangi noted that the manufacturing sector has a duty to sustain livelihoods through job creation whilst maintaining the environment that it operates, adding that the government has a crucial role in driving green manufacturing practices by developing and implementing legislation and policies to support industries drive such initiatives.

The 9th Clean Energy Conference & Expo brought together stakeholders within the energy space to deliberate on tangible solutions to scale up the uptake of clean energy initiatives. It also showcased innovations in the clean energy space including renewable energy, water, e-mobility, green building, and clean cooking.