Mum’s are always the best and since Mother’s Day is here with us (May 8th 2022),  we’ve come up with a few thoughtful gestures and gifts to let her know that she is appreciated.

Upgrade her phone

Nowadays phones have become more of a necessity but at time we don’t have the luxury of upgrading them . If your Mum still has that ka’old phone consider getting her a new one and she will definitely appreciate the gesture.

Spa date

Being a Mum is not easy, because it means that she has to take care of everyone and ensure that they are fine before she can think of herself. This is most often than not leaves her exhausted at the end of the day, a day at the spa would do her wonders.

Take her to dinner or lunch

We all love food, and  since this year’s Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, you can treat your mum to a Sunday brunch after church or a lovely dinner in the evening.

Get her perfume

We all know that ladies love smelling nice, you can get her a bottle of her favorite scent. She will definitely feel appreciated.

Get her flowers

Flowers are an affordable way of showing a lady that you are about her. If your Mum loves flowers, get her a bouquet, good thing is that nowadays we have florists who can deliver to your doorstep.

Get her wine

Ladies usually love to unwind with a glass of wine after a busy week. If your Mum, is a connoisseur, get a her a bottle or two of her favorite wine.

Skin care products

Great skin is a definite confidence booster for our ladies, however, responsibilities mean that they are not always able to give their skin the attention that it needs. On this Mothers day, you can get her a skin care package which she will definitely love.

Take her out of town

This time around, Mothers Day is falling on a weekend, so you can take the time to go out of town to explore the country with her. You can take her to places like Nanyuki or Naivasha which will leave her refreshed.