Since it was announced that Lupita would be hosting a dinner in which one had to pay Kshs.10,000.00 per person. Kenyans on social media have raised a furore with some saying it was too much money for a person to pay just to eat with someone. With one Ngugi Thiongo taking a jibe at her by saying “If kids can dine with the President of Kenya for free, why would a grown up pay Kshs.10,000.00 to dine with a overrated beautician refered to as Lupita Nyongo?? Heights of sociallites and sexualites”. Which i found to be both insulting and unnecessary, people at first thought it was the Ngugi wa Thiongo but i think they just happen to have similar names.

What people fail to realise is that first and foremost this is a charity dinner organized with the aim of raising funds for a worthy cause, protecting elephants. The dinner might not even have been her idea but she just happened to be the only person around who could pull it off. Question is while she is doing her part in raising funds for wildlife conservation, what are you doing other than lamenting. A look at the event sponsors from the likes of Safaricom, Kenya Airways,Villa Rosa Kempinski among others shows that the target audience is not the hoi polloi who feel that Kshs. 10,000.00 is a lot of money. Simply put if your wallet can’t afford the dinner just stay in your lane and let those who can afford go to the dinner in peace.