Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has announced a review of gate charges to national parks and game reserves in Kenya by introducing high and low season fees. According to them, the high season will run from July 1 to February 29 while the low season will be between March 1 to June 30.

The new park fees will see foreigners pay higher amounts while Kenyans will benefit from reduced fees during the low season.

Foreigners will pay up to Sh1,100 more to visit Nakuru and Amboseli National Parks after the rates were adjusted to Ksh. 8,104 ($70) in the high season from Ksh. 6,946 ($60). They will pay Ksh. 2,894 ($25) to visit Maasai Mara in the high season up from the current flat rate of Ksh. 1,505 ($13). They will also pay Ksh. 6,946 ($60) to visit the Nairobi National Park in the peak season from a flat fee of Ksh. 4,978 ($43). Fees in the low season will be Ksh. 4,630 ($40).

Gate charges for Kenyans visiting the Nairobi National Park have been reduced to Ksh. 400 in the low season from Ksh. 430. Kenyans will pay more to visit the park in the high season after the fees were increased to Ksh. 500. Fees for Nakuru and Amboseli National parks have been reduced to Ksh. 800 and Ksh. 600 in the high and low seasons respectively from the current fee of Ksh. 860. Entry charges for Meru and Aberdares National Parks have been increased to Ksh. 500 in the high season from Ksh. 300. Entry fees for Tsavo East and West have been reduced by Ksh. 200 to Ksh. 300 in the low season and unchanged at Ksh. 500 in the high season.

The new charges will apply from July 1 2022 to 31st December 2023. The new charges are in a big to boost the revenues of cash strapped KWS which has been hit hard by the reduced tourism numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kenyans will also be encouraged to visit national parks which will also boost revenues to KWS.