The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has rolled out new look number plates for container freight stations, garages and towing companies. The new set of plates are KC for container freight stations, KG for garages and KT for towing companies.

Members of the public who wish to apply for the new KG plate license for garage and tow trucks will be required to pay Ksh. 18,550. The applications can be made on the NTSA section on the government’s eCitizen website. Once logged in to the website, applicants should click on the NTSA option and will then be directed to a new page with the make application option.

Once an applicant clicks on the make an application tab, they should then click on KG plates license and select New KG plate license for garage and tow trucks, then proceed with their application. NTSA will ask you to enter the company registration number, estate and plot number, road and/or building name, your town or city and your postal address.

As part of a crackdown targeting motorists in Kenya, the NTSA recently announced it was working on a new system. The authority indicated that the new system is aimed at harmonizing and synchronizing the digital system under the Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) to provide information regarding all vehicles on Kenyan roads.

The announcement came after a revelation that some unroadworthy vehicles which had been flagged off the road, had sneaked back into the transport sector, causing a spike in accidents. NTSA Director of Registration and Licensing, Christopher Wanjau, explained that some of the unroadworthy vehicles used duplicate number plates to operate undetected.