Nelson Havi has ended his reign as the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President after failing to convene Annual General Meeting as per the court order by High Court judge Justice Antony Mrima. Havi noted that his decision to quit LSK had been informed by his bid to become Westlands Member of Parliament in the upcoming August General election on a UDA ticket.

“If council remains dysfunctional and not able to conduct business, the Chairs Caucus shall take over the functions of the council with the Chair of the Branch exercising powers of the president of LSK for the remainder of the term ” Justice Mrima ordered. According to the new developments, Linda Kiome who is the Chair of the Caucus in the Mount Kenya region will take over as LSK President.

In a statement following the Court ruling, the Caucus stated, “In our meeting today, we received confirmation from the LSK Secretariat that the council has been unable to convene a meeting in compliance with the directions given by the court. In default thereof and pursuant to the said decision, the Branch Chairs Caucus has with effect from January 11, 2022, taken charge of the role of the council for the remainder of the term.”

Other members of the caucus who will be helping Kiome in carrying out the leadership mandates include Mathew Nyabena of the Coast Branch and Caucus Vice-Chair, Eric Theuri of the Nairobi branch and Caucus Treasurer and Justus Mutia of the South Eastern Branch and Caucus secretary.