Over the years, gaming has taken root in our country to the extent some people have even made it a career. As all gamers know, the screen/TV you are using is a great determinant on whether or not one will enjoy the game they are playing. This is why if you are a serious gamer, there is a need to pick the right TV.

Fortunately, LG OLED TVs come spec’d for gaming. Here are four reasons why you need to get one;

High Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a television means the number of times per second that the image is refreshed on the screen. LG Tvs come with a refresh rate of 120Hz, this simply means that the image on the TV is refreshed 120 times per second. This assures that you have very good picture quality. The Tvs also support Variable Refresh Rate which matches frame rate changes and reduce image tearing.

LG OLED TVs are certified as HDMI 2.1. This reduces motion blur and ghosting to barely visible levels with fast motion transitions and seamless gameplay, all at the highest resolution.

When it comes to gaming, this is very optimal as it means that the image will not freeze as you are navigating through the various scenes.

Low Input Lag

When a person is gaming, they want every command/input that they key into the controller to be displayed on the screen immediately. In instances where there is a lag, they most probably end up losing the game which can be a tad bit annoying.

With LG Tvs, you can forget all that as LG OLED TVs have extremely low input lag with an incredible 1ms response time. This ensures that every move you input on the controller is displayed instantly on screen, giving you a vital edge over opponents and a better chance of winning.

Game Mode

The LG OLED TVs have a game mode which when selected enables one to utilize the various picture modes best suited for your game. There are four genre specific game modes which include First Person Shooter (FPS), Role Playing Game (RPG) and Real Time Strategy (RTS). FPS enhances contrast in dark/bright areas, RPG enables character optimized graphic enhancing while RTS enhances mini maps.

This ensures that one can access everything in one place for greater control over picture and sound settings. And you can also toggle VRR, NVIDIA G-SYNC, and AMD FreeSync™ technologies. This added control ensures all your games will be clear and smooth with less lag, stutter, and tearing.

The Game Mode essentially optimizes your experience while playing your games something which you will not get in other TVs.

Partnerships with Gaming Companies

LG have partnered with industry-leading gaming companies to ensure you get the best possible experience. They have worked with NVIDIA and AMD to make LG OLED TV the only G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync™ Premium certified TV. FreeSync™ Premium means less flicker and low latency enabling action-packed games to perform at their absolute peak with clear and fluid gameplay.

They have also partnered with Xbox to make them the official TV partner of the Xbox Series X console. A partnership with HDR Gaming Interest Group (HGiG) has ensured delivery of graphics that best match the specifications and performance levels of your TV. This means that you can play a vast selection of games with the confidence that your LG OLED TV will display every one of them just as the developers intended.

Eye Comfort

Gaming can be addictive which means that one might find themselves looking at the screen for long hours which can be harmful to your eyes at some point. Good thing is that LG OLED TVs provide a more comfortable way to watch for longer. They’ve been certified as low-blue light, flicker-free, and discomfort glare-free displays by international agencies TÜV Rheinland (TUV) and Underwriter Laboratories (UL). LG OLED TVs are also the first panels from any kind of TV to receive the Eyesafe® certification developed by TUV-Eyesafe®.

This means that you can play your games for longer without worrying that your eyes might become damaged at some point.