Facebook has launched the 2021 edition of My Digital World literacy program. The program which is accessible across Sub-Saharan Africa, is designed to provide young people and the general public with the skills needed to navigate digital spaces safely and responsibly.

The 2021 edition of My Digital World is now accessible on the new website that hosts new updated content that is relevant to modern users in English, French, Kiswahili, and Amharic.

The program also provides educators and trainers with training and resources to reach young people across Sub-Saharan Africa, equipping them with information and skills to help them thrive in the digital world.

Phil Oduor, Policy Programs Manager for Economic Impact and Digital Literacy at Facebook said, “Designed for young people aged 13-18 years in high-tech and low-tech communities, the content has adaptable step-by-step instructions to fit their needs and learning environment. The lessons help participants learn tangible skills such as protecting personal information, identifying reputable sources, understanding misinformation themes, and recognizing healthy online relationships.”

The My Digital World program is divided into the following six content pillars.

  1. Introduction to Digital Learning: Demonstrating to learners what the internet is, identifying information that can be shared over the internet, determining various methods for accessing information online, and identifying the benefits, roles, and responsibilities of digital citizenship.
  2. Digital Foundations: Teaching learners how to leverage tools to protect their digital devices and their personal information online, as well as that of others.
    3. Digital Wellness: Supporting learners’ ability to engage with others (both individuals and the larger collective) online in empathic and positive ways, protect their physical and mental health, and explore their identities.
    4. Digital Engagement: Helping learners develop executive functioning, critical thinking, and the skills needed to evaluate and share media and information online, as well as engage with different cultures and contexts.
    5. Digital Empowerment: Helping learners use technology and social media to create positive change and better opportunities for themselves, their communities, and the world.
    6. Digital Opportunities: Preparing learners to create the next wave of technology and succeed in their careers and pathways.

Facebook has over the years trained thousands of African youths through existing digital literacy programs across Sub Saharan Africa. These include the Safe Online with Facebook in Nigeria, Ilizwe Lam in South Africa and eZibo in Zambia.

With the program also successfully implemented in Kenya, Ethiopia, Côte D’Ivoire and Senegal, My Digital World will also be launched in Ghana, in partnership with Junior Achievement Ghana this year.

The My Digital World program has further partnered with organizations across Sub-Saharan Africa to develop the learning modules and resources in the curriculum.