LG Electronics East Africa has launched a campaign to educate consumers on emerging trends in TV technology. This will help consumers to make informed informed purchase decisions aligned with their needs, as the company steps up its customer outreach activities in the region.

The campaign dubbed How to Choose your TV will run for two months. It will highlight innovative features of LG’s latest smart TV products and also educate consumers on how to identify a genuine TV considering the high prevalence of counterfeits in the market.

Consumers will have the opportunity to interact with the latest LG TV technologies and seek advice from the company’s technical team on the products that best suit their lifestyles. They will also receive tips on how to spot a fake television set as part of LG’s ongoing anti-counterfeit campaign aimed at protecting consumers from buying fake electronic items passed off as its products.

The How to Choose your TV campaign will focus on the LG OLED, LG NanoCell and LG UHD TVs by showcasing their ability to provide optimal experiences for gaming, sports and movies.

The LG OLED TV comes with a clearer, smoother gaming experience, the LG NanoCell offers purified colours that deliver the real picture for sports enthusiasts, while the LG UHD offers a wide viewing angle perfect for indoor movie experiences.

According to LG Electronics East Africa Managing Director Sa Nyuong Kim, the campaign is targeting consumers buying TVs for both home and business use. Mr. Kim further noted that the campaign is partly informed by the growing demand for smart appliances due to lifestyle shifts driven by the digital revolution.

In 2019, the Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) seized fake television sets worth Ksh. 28 million at the Embakasi Inland Container Deport in Nairobi. A survey by ACA the previous year revealed that fake electrical and electronic goods comprises 15% of all illicit goods circulating in the Kenyan market.

Majority of the counterfeited products are the popular brands hence the move by companies like LG to educate consumers on ways on how to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous vendors.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly spending time indoors hence greater interest in indoor entertainment technology. A rise in disposable income coupled with a surge in use of high-end appliances are seen as the major trends influencing purchase of smart TVs.